Monday, March 8, 2010

Knock off Wood

Ok so if you haven't seen this blog - YOU HAVE TO!  She is absolutely amazing.  I found Ana's plans for the Farmhouse bed and I sent the link to my hubby and said he NEEDED to make it for me.  We've been looking for the perfect bed and I think this is the one.  We're excited to get started on it, once I get my CPA husband back and tax season is over and I am not a single mom anymore - THEN we will get started.  Check out her other amazing ideas and plans.  She has something for everyone.  Seriously, all I have to say is......FABULOUS!

I've also got these on my "To-Build" list for the future.  Maybe someday my big screen tv can be on something else other than my old kitchen table.....

LOVE this one too.

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