Friday, February 26, 2010

No craft love

Alright, I'm a little dissappointed in ya'll.  I didn't get any emails from my crafty peeps.  I'm so sad 'cause I had a really cute 'something spectacular' to send someone.  BUT I guess it will just have to wait for another time.  I know this blog is new, maybe I just need more help me spread the word!  We'll do the contest again. 

But for now, check out this super cute idea.  I found it on 'How does she'.  I would totally do it if I had the time....oh I wish I had the time.  Simple MDF, scrapbook paper, paint and vinyl....LOVE IT!

I was also inspired by this 'real room' on Project Nursery - one of my very favorite sites to browse.  I wanted to badly to do this for my little guy's room but my dream was shot down when I realized I didn't want to try to search for all of those letters!  I do have the same bedding though and was inspired by the vintage red truck. 

So here's what I came up with for my little guy's room.  I found these vintage looking ABC cards at Michaels from Ms. Martha for about $3 and decided to string them on the wall in the nursery with some simple twine and clothespins.  These hang above the changing table and when I hung them up, I didn't anticipate my 9 month old pulling on the cards!  Mr. J for Jaguar is bent a little in the corner from too many grabs.  At least baby J went for the best letter! 
The vintage truck was one that my husband used to play with when he was little.  I have a whole bucket of these guys out in the garage and I didn't have a clue what to do with them.  I'm so glad I thought of putting it on the dresser!  It adds some great vintage charm to the room.  I still need a great pop of color for the walls but just haven't found the perfect hue.  
Have a crafty day!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Get your craft on CONTEST!

Ok all you fabulously crafty people - I need your ideas!  Send me your latest and greatest crafts and you might just be winning something spectacular!  I'll pick my favorite craft/idea/quilt/art work, etc....and contact you to let you know you've won!  Submit your ideas to jenlawyer at hotmail dot com by next Friday, February 26th by 7:00 p.m. CST to be eligible for the contest.  That's ONE WHOLE WEEK to get started.  I can't wait to see what you come up with - serious excitement going on over here.  So go get CRAFTIN'!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Flower Hair Clip Tutorial

Ok folks, here goes my first tutorial - an easy one but super cute.  We made these several years ago for my Church's Relief Society Super Saturday - a fun day where a bunch of giggly, chatty women get together and make crafts all day and eat yummy food!  Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

So here we go....

Flower - Gerbera daisies work the best
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Acrylic Gems - I used 18mm Round Stone Crystals
Alligator Clips
Start out by taking the stem off the flower and then pull off the green back part by popping it off the flower.
Then turn it over and do the same to the yellow part or the fake pollen pod.
You will then have something that looks like this.  All the layers are free so make sure you hold on to them or it'll be harder to glue them back together.
Then take your glue gun and starting with the back layer carefully lift each layer and add glue to secure them all in place stopping when you get to the small layers on top.
When you are finished, grab your jewel and glue on the top where the pollen pod used to be - secure in place.
To finish it off, add an alligator clip or headband or whatever you want on the back.
Then put it in your little girl's hair and make her hold still and pose for a picture!  :)
Voila - you're done.  Add it to hair, a bag, a dress, an apron...the possibilities are endless!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Calling all Quilters!

My mom told me about this great organization called Quilts for Kids.  It is a wonderful nonprofit organization that creates and delivers homemade quilts to help comfort hospitalized children.  You can help by requesting a quilt kit - for free!  All you have to do is quilt it and send it back.  You can also use up some of those fabric scraps that you have been saving forever to create one of your own to send in with your kit.  I've already received my kit and I am excited to get started on it.  If you want to help or find out more information on requesting a quilt kit, volunteering in your area with a local chapter for Quilts for Kids, or making a financial donation click here.  Every little bit helps!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine Craft Ideas

What a better way to start off a new blog than with something we all love...VALENTINES!  I have browsed the most talented of talented blogs to find some pretty darn cute things.  I will definitely make some of these lovlies next year. 

One thing I love are handmade valentines.  Here are some super cute ideas for your kids valentines at school.  I found several sites that made these but here are just a few.  Check out what Tasha did over at Snippets of Daily Life with her kids this year.  She's always crafty with her digital scrapbooking and photography.  She found the idea here, or you can go here to see some more.

Jeanne Winters has a link for a free downloadable "Udaman" Valentine Chocolate Wrapper for your hunky honey.  These were so cute!   

Michelle over at Someday Crafts found this idea over at Poppies at Play how to make some yummy heart shaped cinnamon rolls.  Wouldn't these be perfect for Sunday morning breakfast in bed ?

I also loved this idea over at Unexpected Grace.  I'm always looking for new home decor ideas and something that I can make out of the unexpected.


How about these yummy valentine treats over at The Idea Room

And there is always the ever popular Ms. Martha.  These were just adorable!

Summer over at The Crooked Curve made some yummy Cupid Corn for teacher gifts.  What a fun idea! 

Head on over to No Fuss Fabulous.  I just found this blog the other day.  She's a girl that I went to China with over 10 years ago with ILP at BYU.  So fun!  She has a fun idea to make rice crispy hearts dipped in chocolate.  The kids and I actually made these for Evan's Valentine Class party but unfortunately with the snow - no school = no class party.  He was pretty bummed.  But have no fear, they have not gone to waste.  Our tummies have enjoyed them! 

And last but not least I have been admiring these {I Love U} boards over at Creative Crate.  I am making some similar ones with my daughters name on them for her room.  Can't wait to show you how they turn out!

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