Friday, February 26, 2010

No craft love

Alright, I'm a little dissappointed in ya'll.  I didn't get any emails from my crafty peeps.  I'm so sad 'cause I had a really cute 'something spectacular' to send someone.  BUT I guess it will just have to wait for another time.  I know this blog is new, maybe I just need more help me spread the word!  We'll do the contest again. 

But for now, check out this super cute idea.  I found it on 'How does she'.  I would totally do it if I had the time....oh I wish I had the time.  Simple MDF, scrapbook paper, paint and vinyl....LOVE IT!

I was also inspired by this 'real room' on Project Nursery - one of my very favorite sites to browse.  I wanted to badly to do this for my little guy's room but my dream was shot down when I realized I didn't want to try to search for all of those letters!  I do have the same bedding though and was inspired by the vintage red truck. 

So here's what I came up with for my little guy's room.  I found these vintage looking ABC cards at Michaels from Ms. Martha for about $3 and decided to string them on the wall in the nursery with some simple twine and clothespins.  These hang above the changing table and when I hung them up, I didn't anticipate my 9 month old pulling on the cards!  Mr. J for Jaguar is bent a little in the corner from too many grabs.  At least baby J went for the best letter! 
The vintage truck was one that my husband used to play with when he was little.  I have a whole bucket of these guys out in the garage and I didn't have a clue what to do with them.  I'm so glad I thought of putting it on the dresser!  It adds some great vintage charm to the room.  I still need a great pop of color for the walls but just haven't found the perfect hue.  
Have a crafty day!


  1. Just surged across you. A beautiful blog thats sure to be huge really soon!!
    I love love those vintage ABC cards!!

  2. I want some of those trucks!


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