Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine Craft Ideas

What a better way to start off a new blog than with something we all love...VALENTINES!  I have browsed the most talented of talented blogs to find some pretty darn cute things.  I will definitely make some of these lovlies next year. 

One thing I love are handmade valentines.  Here are some super cute ideas for your kids valentines at school.  I found several sites that made these but here are just a few.  Check out what Tasha did over at Snippets of Daily Life with her kids this year.  She's always crafty with her digital scrapbooking and photography.  She found the idea here, or you can go here to see some more.

Jeanne Winters has a link for a free downloadable "Udaman" Valentine Chocolate Wrapper for your hunky honey.  These were so cute!   

Michelle over at Someday Crafts found this idea over at Poppies at Play how to make some yummy heart shaped cinnamon rolls.  Wouldn't these be perfect for Sunday morning breakfast in bed ?

I also loved this idea over at Unexpected Grace.  I'm always looking for new home decor ideas and something that I can make out of the unexpected.


How about these yummy valentine treats over at The Idea Room

And there is always the ever popular Ms. Martha.  These were just adorable!

Summer over at The Crooked Curve made some yummy Cupid Corn for teacher gifts.  What a fun idea! 

Head on over to No Fuss Fabulous.  I just found this blog the other day.  She's a girl that I went to China with over 10 years ago with ILP at BYU.  So fun!  She has a fun idea to make rice crispy hearts dipped in chocolate.  The kids and I actually made these for Evan's Valentine Class party but unfortunately with the snow - no school = no class party.  He was pretty bummed.  But have no fear, they have not gone to waste.  Our tummies have enjoyed them! 

And last but not least I have been admiring these {I Love U} boards over at Creative Crate.  I am making some similar ones with my daughters name on them for her room.  Can't wait to show you how they turn out!


  1. You must be staying up till midnight! How are you doing this? You never cease to amaze me. Thanks for the cute v-day ideas though. Did you try any?

  2. Thanks for sharing my Udaman candy wrapper idea! I also love the heart-shaped cinnamon rolls and the others! Fun!


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