Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No use cryin'.....

I've been busy around here, not with crafts.  With this little guy. 
 He's into EVERYTHING these days, mostly my kitchen cupboards.  He's playing so nicely with pots and pans, giggling and making noise to his hearts content until I hear C-R-A-S-H!  Don't know how he did it but somehow pulled down a heavy crystal bowl and an antique platter  - both of which didn't break, but this did. 
My one-of-a-kind hand painted plate from Mexico from my one year anniversary trip with my hubs. I am bummed, yes, but what do you do when you see this FACE?
My son E saw the broken pieces and went, "oooh, an art project?"  And then realized what had happened.  Maybe he has an idea there!  Don't know if it's worth the effort super glueing back together.  It just might be finding it's new home in a garden stone.  

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  1. Too Cute! I'm having the same problem around my house now that I have a crawler...I'm frantically trying to 'childproof'...it's NEVER ending:)
    I'm a new follower


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